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Welcome to the website of EnglishPRO – a unique series of specialised English courses with different professional orientation.

Who is EnglishPRO for?

  • Everyone that needs to develop specific areas of his/her English.
  • Everyone who feels that it’s high time to improve their English.
  • Put simply, everyone who needs to communicate in English, whether it be once a year at a conference in Hungary or daily with company management in San Francisco by teleconference.

What is the aim of EnglishPRO?

  • To raise self-confidence in having conversations.
  • To ensure the student becomes adept at specialised and professional language.
  • To eliminate unnecessary mistakes.

EnglishPRO is based on the principle of modules that you can combine in any number of ways depending on what you need, putting together a programme that meets your own personal expectations.

The basic programmes are as follows:

EnglishPRO - Meetings and discussions

EnglishPRO - Presentations

EnglishPRO - Personal assistants and secretaries

EnglishPRO - Project management

EnglishPRO - Marketing

EnglishPRO - Law


What makes EnglishPRO unique?

  • We get right to the heart of the matter – programme modules are as specific as possible, meaning you don’t learn any “dead wood”, as it were.
  • A combination created specifically for your company – we respect your individuality, meaning you can combine modules as you please.
  • Combine tuition and coaching – you can order targeted coaching to accompany each programme.

… and what can you expect as standard?

  • Excellent teachers with experience
  • A personal approach to each and every client
  • The strong background of a prestigious language school

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