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The language of marketing is very specific in Czech, never mind in English.

That doesn’t mean that you have to study Kotler in the original language to be able to properly communicate and use English for marketing purposes. All you have to do is get to grips with the basic principles of marketing language in practice.

Master useful terminology, better use the marketing mix and various channels of marketing, know how to evaluate a campaign and write plans and reports for foreign partners, colleagues or clients.


The EnglishPRO - Marketing programme consists of the following modules:

  • The language of marketing
    Marketing terminology – get to know the essential marketing expressions.
    Marketing plan, strategy and targets - learn to think in English and you won't need to translate your plans and targets from Czech.
  • Marketing communication
    Advertising and presentation – use the possibilities of English to increase the impact of your marketing presentations.Negotiations with clients and suppliers, persuasion – master the most effective of persuasion techniques.
  • The client
    Marketing research, understanding the customer and his needs – understand your customers, and in English.
    Evaluating the results of a campaign – learn to write reports and evaluations in proper English.
  • Marketing case studies
    Successful marketing – get to know tried-and-tested models that really work.
    Examples of good practice – take inspiration from examples from the Anglo-Saxon world.


What makes EnglishPRO unique?

  • We get right to the heart of the matter – programme modules are as specific as possible, meaning you don’t learn any “dead wood”, as it were.
  • A combination created specifically for your company – we respect your individuality, meaning you can combine modules as you please.
  • Combine tuition and coaching – you can order targeted coaching to accompany each programme.

… and what can you expect as standard?

  • Excellent teachers with experience
  • A personal approach to each and every client
  • The strong background of a prestigious language school