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Meetings and discussions

Have you ever said to yourself, “What is there to it? I’ve been to soft skills training. I am assertive enough and my colleagues even go as far as to say that I am a born diplomat.” This is all well and good and very useful, but remember that discussions in Czech are something entirely different to discussions in a foreign language. English has its own (more-or-less) hidden specifics that you have to master if you want to negotiate successfully and without which you simply will not manage.

After taking this programme your expression will come across as more self-confident and natural. You will know how to negotiate, you will gain in self-confidence for more active participation in teleconferences or at meetings and you will feel more relaxed when communicating.

Meetings and discussions

The EnglishPRO
Meetings and discussions programme consists of the following modules:

  • Checking comprehension
    Checking comprehension, how to ask for information, repetition – master techniques for checking information and asking someone to repeat something and learn the essential phrases.Paraphrasing, noticing differences and disparities – learn how to put something another way and clarify misunderstandings or disparities in communication. ·
  • Diplomatic English
    Interruption and how to avert it – practise various assertive techniques.Expressing consent and disagreement – learn how to politely agree, disagree or raise objections.
  • Business meetings
    Leading business meetings – see how to properly lead a meeting or discussion.Participation at business meetings – broaden your arsenal of skills for more active participation at meetings or discussions.
  • Business negotiations
    Negotiation skills – familiarise yourself with the most effective negotiation strategies and tactics.Practical model situations – try out all the skills you master in practice.


What makes EnglishPRO unique?

  • We get right to the heart of the matter – programme modules are as specific as possible, meaning you don’t learn any “dead wood”, as it were.
  • A combination created specifically for your company – we respect your individuality, meaning you can combine modules as you please.
  • Combine tuition and coaching – you can order targeted coaching to accompany each programme.

… and what can you expect as standard?

  • Excellent teachers with experience
  • A personal approach to each and every client
  • The strong background of a prestigious language school

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