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Checking comprehension
Paraphrasing, noticing differences and disparities

Interruption and how to avert it
Expressing consent and disagreement

Leading business meetings
Participation at business meetings

Negotiation skills
Practical model situations

Emphasis, pauses, intonation

Making reference to visual aids
Talking about trends
Description of graphs

Introduction and conclusion
Linking expressions, logical continuation

Mini presentation
Video analysis

Taking messages
Writing notes and short messages

Formal and informal style
The suitability of your writing

Sustaining a conversation
Social conversation

Date, place and time
Case study

Key terminology
Methodical procedures in project management
Planning, determining goals

The distribution of roles and the delegation of activities
Checking project activity, reporting
Planning, time scheduling, risk management

Coping with conflict situations

Management skills
Management strategies and decision-making
Communication in a team

Marketing terminology
Marketing plan, strategy and targets

Advertising and presentation
Negotiations with clients and suppliers

Marketing research, understanding the customer and his needs
Evaluating the results of a campaign

Successful marketing
Examples of good practice

The law of administrative infractions
Civil proceedings
Losses and the payment of damages

Types of crimes
Defining and interpreting crimes
Criminal proceedings

Specimen contracts
Contract terminology
Understanding phrases and sentences in contracts

Company structure
Acquisitions and mergers
Insolvency law

Types of property
Lease contracts
Intellectual property

The Labour Code
Employment contracts
Employer-employee disputes

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