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EnglishPRO - Benefits


What makes EnglishPRO unique?

  • We get right to the heart of the matter – programme modules are as specific as possible, meaning you don’t learn any “dead wood”, as it were.
  • A combination created specifically for your company – we respect your individuality, meaning you can combine modules as you please.
  • Combine tuition and coaching – you can order targeted coaching to accompany each programme.

… and what can you expect as standard?

  • Excellent teachers with experience
  • A personal approach to each and every client
  • The strong background of a prestigious language school



Each and every EnglishPRO programme is made up of a number of modules that can be combined in any way you like, meaning there are two ways of taking an EnglishPRO course:

  • Basic version
    Ooffers a familiarisation with the subject-matter of the programme. Contains 4 basic modules, each module representing 90 minutes’ tuition (i.e. a total of 4 x 90 minutes).
  • Extended version
    Offers genuine submersion in the topic. The programme consists of the basic version, but each extended module comprises a further 4 x 90 minutes of tuition. The whole programme is therefore 20 x 90 minutes of tuition.


The unique and revolutionary feature of EnglishPRO is that you can combine modules at random across thematic programmes, meaning that you can create made-to-measure courses entirely according to your needs and interests.


You can take entire programmes or individual modules as intensive training (full-day, half-day etc.), as a classic semester-long course or in any other form that you choose and that suits you.


I run a building company with a number of foreign partners and so I need my project managers to communicate in writing and orally, to effectively lead a team and to give effective presentations to our foreign partners. I therefore opt for the whole EnglishPRO – “Project management” module, with emphasis on the “Logistics and project management” module and the “Successful project management” module, and add in the entire EnglishPRO – “Presentations” module. We also do facility management, so I would also be interested in the “Contract law” and “Property law” modules from the EnglishPRO – “Law” programme.