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Personal assistants and secretaries

Need to send a reply by e-mail, send a reminder or write a report? Need to look after a visit from abroad? Want to feel better engaging in small talk?

Focus on what your really need and arranging a meeting or taking a message will no longer pose you any problems. Distinguish between various levels of formality and brush up on your communication skills in English.

Personal assistants and secretaries

The EnglishPRO – Assistants and secretaries programme consists of the following modules:

  • Company activity in everyday practice
    Taking messages - learn how to properly take a message and process it. Writing notes and short messages - write your English correctly, concisely and understandably.

  • Written communication
    Formal and informal style - learn to distinguish between different styles and degrees of formality. The suitability of your writing – always choose the right degree of politeness.

  • Welcoming visits
    Sustaining a conversation - avoid awkward pauses and conversations about the weather. Social conversation - overcome various pitfalls of conversation with different people.

  • Arranging meetings
    Date, place and time – effectively arrange a meeting without any misunderstandings or endless disputes over changes of date. Case study – try out all the techniques you have mastered in practice.


What makes EnglishPRO unique?

  • We get right to the heart of the matter – programme modules are as specific as possible, meaning you don’t learn any “dead wood”, as it were.
  • A combination created specifically for your company – we respect your individuality, meaning you can combine modules as you please.
  • Combine tuition and coaching – you can order targeted coaching to accompany each programme.

… and what can you expect as standard?

  • Excellent teachers with experience
  • A personal approach to each and every client
  • The strong background of a prestigious language school

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